hexi stove

There are several different hexi stoves available to buy online. The largest selection is currently available at amazon.

Hexi stoves make a great alternative to gas stoves. This is partiularly the case in situations where gas stoved are either impractical or not allowed.  Recently festivals such as Download and the Reading Festival & Leeds festival have banned gas stoves.

While the humble hexi stove does not offer the cooking speed of other stoves it does allow you to boil water or cook a basic meal. The hexistove is a simple lightweight alternative to more expensive cooking options.


Light weight, cheap and affordable, simple to use, non-explosive! and used by the army for decades.


Generally slower to cook than modern alternatives such as gas stoves.

We think:

Hexi stoves are great for festival environments or back to basics survival trips or even walking holidays when the weight of your rucksack is important.

To browse the full range of hexi stoves and for more information click  here.

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