Alternatives to using a hexi stove

If you have decided that using a hexi stove sounds a bit too much like hard work then fear not – help is at hand!  There are several other options to consider for cooking outdoors.  Some are obviously not suitable for certain situations, so find the solution that works for you.

Standard gas burner camping stove: The chances are if you are considering a hexi stove you have already discounted this option.  If you don’t care about a ‘pure’ back to basics approach however, this can be a relatively inexpensive way to cook. There are several popular makes of camping stove such as Campingaz, Yellowstone etc. They can all be bought at Amazon here.

trangia stoveTrangia stove / spirit burner cooker: This is a great alternative to the hexi stove and is one of its closest relations in terms of the way it cooks.

Favoured by survival experts you simply add the spirit fuel liquid into a chamber and cook on the flame over the metal burner.  You also need a secure container for keeping your fuel secure.  This is a slightly more complex method of cooking outdoors, but is fairly ‘back to basics’ still. You can visit Amazon to buy a trangia stove here.

Disposable BBQ / portable BBQ: A disposable BBQ is an obvious choice but we couldn’t leave this one out!  If the place you are going permits the use of BBQs then they can be a great option for cooking the odd meal.  They become expensive and space consuming if you plan on cooking several meals so keep this in mind.  You may prefer to buy a small portable BBQ and take a bag of charcoal and lighter blocks or fluid in this instance.

Open fire: This is of course the ultimate in back to basics cooking.  Always check with the place you are going as to what there rules are.  Many places now ban the use of open fires.

Had a rethink and want a hexi stove? We thought you might do! In many situations you simply can’t beat a Hexi stove for basic cooking.  You can buy one through Amazon here.

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